17 Cool Products That Every Home Owner Should Have

With so many new products and gadgets coming to market every day, it's no wonder you have not heard anything about them. We have decided to put together an up-to-date list of 17 different US products that are now available online - many of which have been crowdfunded. You can add them to your own wish list or as gifts for your loved ones! If you would like more information about the products or to buy them, just click on the links in the article. These fantastic products come with a fun guarantee and will impress you and your friends. So, test it out!

1. RangeXTD - Wifi Booster – Supercharge Your Wi-Fi Connection For A Better Range...No More Dead Spots

Do you hate having slow internet and losing connectivity in some parts of your home? Nothing is worse than having your videos constantly buffer and waiting forever for your websites to load. Calling your internet provider never helps and they always want you to pay more to upgrade your already expensive service… and even then things don’t get better! With RangeXTD you can make sure your entire home is covered no matter how far away you are from the modem! Not only does RangeXTD improves your WiFi signal strength throughout your house, but it will also improve your internet speed! Never again will you experience any video interruptions or loss of your internet signal. This is truly a device that everyone should have in their home. Specially during this time of pandemic were most activities are online.

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2. Blaux Portable Heater - The Modern Air Heating Unit

With winters getting colder and colder, it’s no wonder why this new Portable Heater device is getting a lot of attention. It’s a much smaller version of a standard room heater unit but without all the installation nightmares that come with it! You just plug it into either a USB port such as a power-bank or a wall outlet, and let it work its magic. Once it’s on, it can warm any area of your home down in minutes. Gone are the days of paying a significant amount of money for a large, cumbersome unit that requires external ducting and lots of work installing it.

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3. TVFix Caster - Will Roku TV Come To An End?

An incredible device that is slowly gaining popularity among those how don't want to purchase a smart TV. It's currently killing Roku's sales due to its unique feature of HD Streaming.

What makes it so popular? It streams all your videos, photos, files, movies and more from your cellphone directly to your TV in High Definition. No complicated wiring is required just plug in sync and watch your cellphone content on your TV.

But that’s not all. The TVFix Caster can eliminate your need for satellite or cable TV . The TVFix Caster uses the apps that are already on your smartphone or tablet to broadcast video to your television, and it does it completely wirelessly over your Wi-Fi network! So there is no need to keep those expensive cable tv contracts! This is the new era of Tv Streaming

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4. Enence Muama Translator - Become Fluent In 40+ Languages In Seconds

Speaking multiple languages is without a doubt a huge advantage both in your personal and professional life. However, it might take years to become fluent, not to mention hundreds spent on language courses… There’s now a solution that allows you to forget all this and become multilingual… in seconds!

Enence Muama Translator is a pocket-size device that enables you to speak to almost anyone on the planet without learning a single word! Without wasting your time and money on language courses, you can instantly become “fluent” in more than 40 languages at one push of a button. Enence instant translator works in real time and provides you with fast and accurate two-way communication - all you have to do is choose the language you want to speak and start talking! Muama Translator will translate everything you said in seconds, allowing you to forget any “language barriers” that have ever made you feel insecure about your skills in the past.

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5. Boundery Bug Buster Bulb - 100% Non-Toxic Mosquito Killer!

It's no surprise this anti-mosquito gadget is a viral seller. With more and more extremely painful and potentially fatal diseases and viruses being spread by mosquitos every year, it is time you protect yourself properly from those flying killers!

The Bug Buster Bulb uses clever harmless UV lights to attract the pests near enough. Then a powerful zapper shocks them with an instant kill. It is perfect for campaign, outdoor and parties!

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6. KoreTrak - Best Fitness Watch In 2020

KoreTrak smart watch is a top-rated fitness tracker wristband that offers all-in-one vital health activity monitoring for users who want to stay active and gain more intelligent insights into their daily well-being. It offers all the features of the most expensive brands in the market such as FitBit, Garmin, Apple and Samsung, but at a super affordable price. KoreTrak has added some revolutionary features to this smartwatch that has proven to change the life of many of their customers. “From daily sports activity records, to sleep patterns it has proven to be one of the favorites for young and seniors as well.

While most smartwacth bands lack of style, Koretrak puts a lot of effort in creating a smartwatch that is not only full of style, but also comfortable. KoreTrak has the ability to keep you connected; allowing you to receive and respond to messages and phone calls with the touch of a button. The best part? You are buying one of the best smartwatches out there, full of unique features and perfect for any member of your family. The KoreTrak smartwatch will help you reach your fitness goals! Excuses are a thing of the past!

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7. Q-GRIPS: Original Earwax Removing Tool

We all know how painful it is to could be your ears with q-tips, specially when we accidentally press deeper into our ear canal. A simple solution is now in place to help you clean your ears without using q-tips or other chemicals. We are talking about Q-Grips. With its rotating tip, Q-grips is able to remove earwax from even the most hard to reach areas of your ear canal. It It is completely safe to use and easy to clean.

Unlike cotton swaps, the Q-Grips rotating tips will pull out the dirt from the ear instead of pushing it deeper. It is perfect for every family member, incluiding kids and seniors. This something every bathroom cabinet should have!

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8. T-Watch - Military Watch Everybody Talking About

It's no surprise that smartwatches are so popular nowadays— everyone seems to be getting one! There's just one big problem: smartwatches are unprotected and can easily get damaged. Since you're wearing it on your wrist there's no room to put a shatterproof protective case on your smartwatch like you would on your mobile phone. In the course of living your life and wearing a smartwatch it's only matter of time before it gets: bumped, cracked, or smashed. That means paying a hefty fee to get your smartwatch repaired or worse replaced!

Thanks to new breakthrough military technology, there's a new type of smartwatch that's super robust (nearly shatterproof) and yet very stylish!

The T-Watch Tactical Watch comes ready for the "combat" of daily life. Demanding physical job? Extreme workouts and outdoor sports? No problem, this smartwatch can get through without so much as a nick or stratch. What's more, this smartwatch is also dust and waterproof. It can withstand the toughest situations with no problems at all...

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9. TapNCharge - Make Your Phone Like New Again

If you’re like me and you don’t upgrade your phone every year, you need to buy the TapNCharge device... Before I used to charge my phone for the entire night only for it to drain back to 0% after a few hours. Without getting the latest expensive phone, I purchased this thin adapter that turned my phone into a wireless charging device. Now my phone is always charged with my battery lasting much longer and even with it's performance highly improved. It feels like I got a new phone since now I can watch Netflix at any time without having to worry that its battery will drain out! Try this first before committing to a new phone. Works with all new Apple and Samsung cellphones

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10. BarxBuddy – Ultrasonic Dog Trainer

I love my dog, but sometimes the barking is unbearable! Or at least it was until I found the BarXBuddy! This innovative device corrects your dog bad behaivor with just one click. It emits an ultrasonic sound that is capable of catching your dogs attention, and thus making the pet reconsider what it's been doing. It is completely harmless and pet friendly. In fact, it is recommended by dog expert trainers who agree that spiky or electric collars creates an unpleasant experience to dogs, not to mention inhumane. In just a few days your dog will transformed into a well trained pet!

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11. Video DoorBell - Keep Your Home And Family Safe At All Times

What if you could keep the peace of mind and the safety of your home at the highest level, even if you’re far away? It’s now easier than ever with this new, innovative device that is sending those old-fashioned doorbells off to their well-deserved rest!

Video DoorBell is a simple although technologically advanced gadget that allows you to see whoever is at your door without leaving your couch. This small, inconspicuous device is a doorbell, a HD video camera, and a two-way communication device at the same time which ensures the security of your property even if you’re not there. By allowing you to watch a live video right on your phone, Video DoorBell not only helps you see the visitors at your door, but also serves as a security camera to help identify potential intruders. The smart security motion detection sends push notification alerts to your phone if someone hovers around your house, allowing you to react fast and reduce the chances of getting robbed. It only takes minutes to install and keeps you safe for 8-12 months on a single charge! All you have to do is install the app, connect it to the Video DoorBell, and enjoy the new level of safety! It’s now available under $100 which is definitely a fair price to pay for your inner peace.

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12. InfinitiKloud - Instantly Back Up All Your PC Files

With millions of hackers online, the InfinitiKloud is one kind of device every PC owner should have! And why is that?

With InfinitiKloud you can back up all your photos, videos and files with one single click. It is the fastest and safest way to protect all the information you have from hackers and computer breakdowns without the need to be a PC expert. During these past months it has become a life-saving device for many students and teachers worldwide. It's time to keep your memories safe!

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13. iTrack - Avoid Losses & Keep Your Car Safe

Are you constantly worried about your car which you have parked around the corner? Do you believe that your clunky wheel lock made in 1996 could deter a car thief in 2020? The iTrack GPS Car Tracker plugs into your car's diagnostic port and within seconds gives you real-time updates along with the tracking data. With this simple device you can react within minutes to recover a stolen vehicle and save yourself thousands of dollars in losses. Protect yourself, your family and friends with a gadget that is changing the way people think about car security.

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14. Shadow X Drone - Record Your Epic Adventures

Always been interested in drones but don’t know where to start? This is the perfect beginner-entry to the world of the drone. Unlike those big (and expensive) ones that need a backpack just to hold it, this is the same size as your smart phone - at a fraction of the cost! Charge the battery, install the app and in less than 10 seconds you will be ready to go. Control the drone’s flight at the ease of your smartphone. Show this off to your friends as you capture amazing photos and videos from impossible angles! Become a drone expert without committing to the big price tag of other devices today!

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15. PowerPro - Electricity Saving Device

When someone says I cut my electric bill in half, your first thought is that they switched to solar energy. With PowerPro you don't need to switch to any renovable energy sources to save money on electricity. PowerPro is a deviced developed by expert engineers with the idea of reducing energy consumption in your home. The PowerPro manages to balance electric waves in your place and this helps lower the consumption by almost a half.

In fact, the technology is literally out of this world – that it can also increase the lifespan on expensive household appliances.. It’s compact, easy to use and install - Just plug in and let it do the magic!

It's a must have for any home owner. The technology is expected to change energy consumption for ever!

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16. PowerPod - The Amazing Keychain Phone Charger

You never have to worry about your battery running low or being stuck not able to make a call in an emergency! Don't be deceived by its size; the secret is Power Pod’s built-in micro high Velocity Charger that delivers instant power that lasts for hours. It's so compact that you can carry it in your keychain. Don't let your phone run out of battery ever again!

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17. Hearing Hero - Hear Everything Loud And Clear

Designed by hearing experts, Hearing Hero doesn’t take no for an answer. How can one of the smallest and basically invisible hearing aid device can change the life forever to those who suffer from hearing impairment? The secret is behind the noise cancelling technology! Contrary to those expensive hearing aids, the Hearing Hero cancelling noise technology has the ability to balance sound at the desired level. It removes background noise and regulates soundwaves. The best thing is that no prescription is needed to buy this product. You'll be amazed how beautiful everything sounds with the new Hearing Hero

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